Supply Chain

  • Our dedication to purity takes root in the gentle harvesting of our GRAS approved New Zealand hop flowers (Humulus Lupulus). The patented formulation is milled, pressed, and extracted from 100% organic NZ whole hop flowers without harsh chemicals through the CO2 supercritical extraction process. Our Amarasate® is free from impurities or phytoestrogens.
    Blended with rosemary and canola oil in a USA GMP accredited plant, our 3-ingredient natural formulation is the essence of natural elegance and simplicity.

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  • Not all capsules are created equal. Our acid-resistant vegetarian capsules ensure that Calocurb releases its power at just the right spot in the body. Licaps® two-piece capsules are an advanced dosage form offered in HPMC (hypromellose) format, designed by the world-leading Capsugel team in Greenwood, SC, allowing Calocurb to start working in just one hour.

  • Lonza, the largest capsule manufacturer in the world has Good Manufacturing Practice, National Sanitation Foundation and FDA approval in the USA manufacturing plant.

  • Calocurb is manufactured and distributed in the USA.

  • Calocurb continues to grow in both areas of B2B and D2C and exported globally. We are dedicated to promoting Calocurb on Fullscript.