Mode of Action

Calocurb's journey began with the discovery of Amarasate® in 2013, a groundbreaking, potent extract that has been demonstrated to stimulate the enhanced release of satiety hormones.

Amarasate® is a natural extract of New Zealand bitter hops that has been demonstrated in clinical trials to regulate and reduce appetite, craving, and caloric intake. Amarasate ® is released into the small intestine, specifically the duodenum, from a delayed release patented capsule (Walker et al., 2022)

  • After only one hour, it stimulates the TAS2R receptors on enteroendocrine cells to release gastric hormones (GLP-1 and CCK) at six times baseline levels, twice the normal post-prandial release (Walker et al., 2022). 
  • These gastric hormones signal a part of the brain to decrease appetite and food cravings plus slow down the gastric emptying rate.