Clinical 2: Hunger and Fullness in Men

The Amarasate® extract effect on appetite measures was tested in a human clinical trial with 30 healthy men. The study involved a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study. Each participant took each of the capsules one week apart for three successive weeks. All treatment groups contained 2 capsules, one given at 16 h and the second given 20 h into the 24 h water-only fast, each containing half the total daily treatment dose. At 16 h into the 24 h fast (t = 0 min) participants recorded their baseline visual analogue scale (VAS)- based appetite assessments and then consumed a delayed digestion capsule containing either a placebo, a low-dose hops extract or a high-dose Amarasate® hops extract. Every 30 min, VAS-based appetite assessment questionnaires were taken from 16 h until 24 h into the 24 h fast. Then at 20 h into the 24 h fast (t = 240 min) a second treatment capsule match to the first was given.

  • Participants experienced an 80% reduction in increased hunger. 
  • This equates to a 25% reduction in hunger overall.


Figure 1: Visual analogue scales (VAS) results for hunger throughout the day in response to placebo and Calocurb treatments. Changes in hunger ratings from the 16 h (t= 0 min) and 24 h (t = 480 min) period of the 24 h fast. Treatment capsules were administered at t = 0 min and t = 240 min. Hunger exhibited a significant main effect for the Calocurb treatment group with evidence for a significant treatment x time interaction for hunger.



Walker, E., Lo, K., Tham, S., Pahl, M., Lomiwes, D., Cooney, J., Wohlers, M., & Gopal, P. (2019). New Zealand Bitter Hops Extract Reduces Hunger During a 24 h Water Only Fast. Nutrients, 11(11), 2754.