Welcome practitioners to our October update!

Welcome practitioners to our October update!

At Calocurb, we're all about supporting your patient’s wellness journey, and this month, we're putting the spotlight on menopause. With great education offerings on our hero Calocurb product - with recent clinical evidence supporting appetite and craving suppression in women.

What people would often consider the ‘silent transition’ - we are showcasing the science and providing support to women going through this transition.

Although ‘menopause’ is referred to as a single point in time; a retrospective period of at least 12 months since the last period. Spending more than one-third of their lives in a post-menopausal state, women going through this transition often find they are more susceptible to changes in body composition, mood, sleep, inflammation, glycemic control, and cholesterol levels, contributing to an increased risk of heart disease and many other metabolic health problems.

During the menopausal transition the high dips and terrible troughs of oestrogen and plunging progesterone have serious consequences on mood and eating behaviours which enhances the possibility of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Without these hormones being released by the ovaries, we are left with a depleted and tired system that has not yet learned how to stabilise itself without one of its master switches.

Scientific evidence already shows a gender difference in food cravings, binge eating disorders, and obesity, with the trend showing an increased prevalence in women. The 2022 ZOE PREDICT researchers found key differences in inflammation and blood sugar levels after eating in post-menopausal versus pre-menopausal women. The unfavourable effect of menopause on blood sugar control, which is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, was found even in age-matched (i.e., women of a similar age) pre- and post-menopausal women, showing, for the first time, that this decline in blood sugar control was not just an inevitable part of ageing. Another finding of this research was that the association between menopause with higher body fat and inflammation was partly mediated by poor diet and the microbiome. Given that diet and microbiome composition are intricately linked. This shows the potential role of diet in modulating some of the unfavourable health effects of menopause.

Calocurb provides a 100% natural and effective appetite suppression solution and the world’s only patented GLP-1 activating supplement to treat the subconscious urge to overeat and indulge in cravings.

Research highlights

Recently published clinical data by Plant and Food Research has shown that a bitter hops extract can help reduce hunger in women.
The research shows that women who took the bitter hops extract Amarasate™ during a 24-hour fast ate less at the end of the fast and were less hungry during the fast itself.
The trial studied 27 healthy adult women, who were asked to fast for 24 hours on three occasions – from 6pm to 6pm – and only drink water. During their fasts, the women were given either a dose of Amarasate™, an extract of New Zealand-grown hops, or a placebo, and asked to rate feelings of hunger and cravings for food during the fasting period. On completion of the fast, the women were given a meal.
The women who were given the Amarasate™ extract ate on average 14% fewer calories during the meal than those given the placebo, and reported they felt less hungry with fewer cravings during the fast.
“Intermittent fasting is a growing trend for those wishing to control their food intake, but the feelings of hunger are sometimes hard to ignore,” says Dr Edward Walker from Plant & Food Research who led the study. “This trial, our first looking at the effects of Amarasate™ in women, shows that while Amarasate™ doesn’t eliminate those feelings or the cravings for food, it does reduce them so they may be more manageable.”
Amarasate™ is the bitter extract of a hop cultivar bred by Plant & Food Research and only grown in New Zealand. Amarasate™ was identified from more than 900 plant extracts that were screened for their potential in controlling appetite. Amarasate™ has previously been shown to:
Reduce hunger in young men during fasting and to reduce meal intake by 18% after a fasting period.
Reduce overall feelings of hunger by 30%
In other news
GLP-1 Agonists Linked to Higher Risk for Rare but Serious GI Complications. A recent article published on October 5th in the journal JAMA, shows increased risk of gastrointestinal adverse events associated with glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist for weight loss. Patients taking semaglutide or liraglutide receptor agonists had nine times an elevated risk for pancreatitis. They were also four times more likely to develop bowel obstruction and over 3.5 times more likely to experience gastroparesis. Investigators say their findings are not about scaring people off the weight loss drugs, but instead about increasing awareness that these potential adverse outcomes can happen. Given the wide use of these drugs, these adverse events, although rare, must be considered by patients thinking about using them for weight loss.
New Research Reveals How Plant-Derived Nutrients Can Affect the Gut and Brain. A new study led by the University of Leipzig Medical Center is shedding light on the potential link between prebiotics and brain function in the context of obesity. According to the study, published in the journal Gut, consuming significant amounts of prebiotics in one’s diet is associated with a decrease in the brain’s response to high calorie food cues related to reward. These findings may imply a possible connection between the health of the gut and the way the brain makes decisions about food. Optimising your gut microbiome could support weight goals and overall health by recommending an increase in prebiotic-rich foods like garlic, onions, bananas, and wheat, consider adding a daily prebiotic supplement and limiting foods with added sugar and fat that could overstimulate your response to eating them.

Conference highlights
Calcocurb has been represented at Obesity Week, AMMG and OMA…

In honor of Menopause Awareness Month, check out this informative short animated video that sheds light on what menopause is like. It's well done and provides excellent insight. Let's keep the conversation going!

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