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“We're incredibly impressed with the product and look forward to bringing it on board. We intend to use it as a step down off Semaglutide to help patients "get back to normal life" with a bit of a safety net.”


"Thank you Paul for reaching out and mailing a preview kit to me after visiting with your CEO Sarah Kennedy at the Obesity Medicine Association Conference this last April. She was phenomenal in explaining the immense and exciting research behind the success of your product. I have personally tried your product and absolutely love it. The immense satiety offered with very minimal side effects is truly the epitome of interventions needed for the treatment of obesity."

Melissa Livingston

"I love the supplement and helps with fasting days for sure! I will be ordering some for the practice and myself."

Jennifer Hill

"I am definitely interested in providing this for my patients."

Deshinee Moodley

“It's working well for my patients!”

Aleksandra Gajer

"So far so good. I'm gearing up to place another order in 1-2 weeks. I've been working on getting the product in my physician network here in PR. And it's been received well, with good feedback from physicians and patients."

Luis Martinez

  • Science-Led

    Our commitment to rigorous testing, ongoing clinical trials, and science-based effectiveness reflects our promise to deliver only the purest product.

  • Pure Manufacture

    Dedication to purity begins with the gentle harvesting of New Zealand hop flowers. CO2 supercritical extraction process, means Amarasate® is free from impurities.

  • The Perfect Capsule

    Not all capsules are created equal. Our acid-resistant vegetarian capsules ensure that Calocurb releases its power at just the right spot in your body.

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Empower your Patients with Science: Simple, Effective Appetite Control with Calocurb Amarasate®

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