The only patented natural GLP-1 activator

Calocurb stimulates the body’s endogenous signal to trigger satiety

Clinically Proven

Natural GLP-1 activation.
Clinically proven and science-led

Our commitment to rigorous testing, ongoing clinical trials, and science-based effectiveness reflects our promise to deliver only the purest product.

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Reduction in hunger in an hour*
Reduction in cravings in an hour†
Reduction in calories consumed after an hour †
  • "We're incredibly impressed with the product and look forward to bringing it on board. We intend to use it as a step down off Semaglutide to help patients "get back to normal life" with a bit of a safety net."

    Arden Ballard
  • "I have personally tried your product and absolutely love it. The immense satiety offered with very minimal side effects is truly the epitome of interventions needed for the treatment of obesity."

    Melissa Livingston
    Nurse Practitioner
  • "I've been working on getting the product in my physician network here in PR. And it's been received well, with good feedback from physicians and patients."

    Luis Martinez
    M.D., MPH

The power of science and nature

The revolutionary appetite suppressant and the world’s first patented 100% natural GLP-1 activator, Calocurb is here to help support your patients to feel full, faster.

Find out how
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Reconnecting the endogenous response
Calocurb stimulates the release of satiety hormones (CCK, GLP-1, and PYY) by up to 6 times baseline levels due to our capsule’s unique characteristics. These hormones then communicate with the appetite-suppression pathway in the brain, reducing feelings of appetite, cravings, and caloric intake.
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For those who don't want injections
Calocurb's active ingredient Amarasate stimulates the body’s own release of GLP-1 and CCK to 6 times baseline levels within an hour, lasting up to 4 hours. Semaglutide injectables increase synthetic levels of GLP-1 agonists at supra-physiological concentrations, resulting in long-lasting effects due to their resistance to breakdown and do not follow the natural rhythm of hormone release.
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Fewer side effects than alternatives
Calocurb has shown a low incidence of side effects in studies. The desired effects of Calocurb are typically observed within an hour of consumption. It can reduce the feelings of hunger and cravings with clinical efficacy for up to 4 hours.
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Tailored dosages for individualised care
We acknowledge that every person’s physiology is slightly different. Our 125mg capsules allow people to customise their dosage to best fit their body’s needs and gastric emptying rate.
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Science led, patented natural product

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Trusted by leading doctors and scientists

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Backed by published independent research

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Vegetarian & 100% natural

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Grown in NZ, Manufactured in the USA

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More cost-effective than alternatives

Enhance your practice with Calocurb

Our Commitment to Practitioners

Give your patients access to the transformative results of Calocurb reported by practitioners and patients around the world.

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Enhance treatment plans with evidence-based recommendations.
Our professional educational library is free for registered practitioners, including free webinars & media links and complimentary clinical and technical support.
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Monitor patient progress and optimize treatment plans with confidence.
Convenient form factor and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
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Elevate your practice and your commitment to patient-centered care.
Elevate your practice with a natural solution that aligns with your commitment to patient-centered care. Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction by offering a holistic solution that complements existing therapies.
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Seamlessly integrate Calocurb into your practice with dosing guidelines.
Tailor patient dosage over a series of days until the desired appetite suppressing effect is achieved.
Jennifer Hill
"I love the supplement and it helps with fasting days! I will be ordering some for the practice and myself."
Jennifer Hill